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Hypercom T7Plus
Lead with the next-generation T7 terminal
Delivers fast online transactions
One-touch functionality activates wide range of transaction types
Eliminates paper jams with drop-in loading SureLoadTM printer
Prints in half the time of previous-generation printers
An optional 19-key keyboard is available for ease of use

Nurit 2085
The Nurit 2085 provides everything you need for transaction processing all in one compact unit. The menu-driven display combined with the 4 "soft keys" and 4 "hot keys" makes using this unit customized, fast and efficient. The built-in thermal printer ejects highly legible receipts at a rapid rate of 12 lines per second.

If you are looking for a terminal that can provide multiple payment options (credit, debit, cash, EBT, check verification, pre-paid cards etc.) the Nurit 2085 is perfect for you.

Nurit 8000
In a tough economy, smart retailers, entrepreneurs and merchants go to where the business is! Like you, they understand the need for mobility and the advantages of making life fast and easy for time-challenged consumers. Technology can help your business keep pace, particularly with a pay-anywhere solution. Cut the cord. Get outside the store. Why make patrons hand over credit cards, when they can pay right at the table? Take refreshments and souvenirs conveniently down to fans in their seats! Give your taxi and limo riders an easier, safer payment alternative. Think about how such transaction flexibility can increase sales and boost satisfaction. Then think about Lipman... and the proven NURIT Family of transaction-enhancing solutions.

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Omni 3750

  • Communications modules – 2400 bps, 14.4 kpbs modem, ISDN, or Ethernet – offer easy access to any IP-based network.
  • VeriFone Connect — an all-inclusive, flexible solution that conveniently enables wireless service at the point of sale.
  • Factory-installed memory configurations – 1.5, 3, and 4 Mbytes – handle the most complex transactions and value-added applications.
  • Optional upgradeable Security Access Modules (SAMs) – 2 or 4 – safeguard sensitive financial data and support multiple smart card schemes.
  • Supports three or more value-added applications, and allows for future proof upgradeable communications, such as Wi-Fi, GPRS, and CDMA.
  • Omni 3750 offers the complete package, and full EMV smart card capabilities. And in the U.S. McAfee VirusScan Mobile for Verix, the industry's first integrated virus scanning engine for payment terminals, is available for the Omni 3750.
  • Omni 3740 provides all the same functionality and flexibility as the Omni 3750, but without a smart card reader.

Verifone CR 1000i
Sophisticated check conversion and imagings that provides superior flexibility, efficiency and accuracy
The VeriFone CR 1000i check and document reader offers multi-lane retailers an easy and efficient way to take advantage of the wideranging benefits of check conversion and check imaging at the point of sale (POS). With the CR 1000i, you can quickly and conveniently convert paper checks into secure electronic documents—greatly reducing your cost of handling, processing and collecting checks.

Hypercom S9 PIN Pad
The Hypercom S9 PIN pad offers merchants the ability to securely accept pin based debit transactions. By adding a pinpad to your credit card machine for business transactions, your customers are able to use their ATM / debit card as payment for your products. It is compatible with all Hypercom credit card machines, including the popular Hypercom T7 Plus and the Hypercom T4100. In order to accept pin-based debit transactions, you must have your PIN pad encrypted by your processor. The S9 PIN pad also has a sleek design that fits in your palm. If you are looking for a secure pinpad for your business, the Hypercom S9 is for you.

Comstar Charge Anywhere
Now with Comstar's CHARGE ANYwhere™ Solution you can easily and cost-effectively process secure, real-time credit card transactions virtually anywhere* in a matter of seconds. CHARGE ANYwhere™ combines our compact handheld wireless magnetic card reader with the innovative Transaction Manager, a web-based database and reporting system, and other features such as e-mail to give businesses an economical yet robust comprehensive wireless solution to securely execute, authorize and manage credit card payments in real-time. CHARGE ANYwhere™ also can be integrated with your existing systems! And, if that's not enough, our wireless solution is fast and reliable, running on nationwide Cingular Wireless Mobitex and Motient networks. Coverage provided in 93% of the urban business population. Fast! –Real-time transactions average 5-7 seconds Reliable! – Dedicated data network with redundancy, backup and guaranteed delivery User-Friendly!– Customizable GUI interface for your industry (check out our industry specific-software). Compact Size! – Durable design at less than 9oz. Secure Wireless Data Transfer Virtually anytime, anywhere wireless credit card processing with patented design features perfect for the mobile business Certified software for real-time processing of all major credit cards and check authorizations.

Need To Process Online?

Internet Merchant Account Services

At American Merchant Systems we have several processing software programs for your Business to process transactions online.
Some packages include the processing software, shopping cart, and virtual terminal.

1. The PROCESSING SOFTWARE gives you the availability to process transactions live online on your web site. It gives you a live 24/7 ordering capability that is interactive to your customer . When an order is placed you get an email confirmation when an order is approved showing the card is good and you can ship the goods.

2. The SHOPPING CART gives you the capability to display your products with Pricing, and some descriptive information. After a product is chosen you can go To the gateway where payment is made by credit card.

3. The VIRTUAL TERMINAL gives you a way to process transactions That are called in by phone or mail .You key enter in the transaction On your computer by using your keyboard as a terminal. With these packages you can process transaction online and manually giving You the best of both worlds.

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